Friday, April 13, 2007

Mulberry Leaves

The hermit crab community has established that the fruit of a mulberry tree (mulberries) are safe. We conducted a food trial on mulberry tree leaves. The pre-screen determined that few insects eat the leaves. Mulberry leaves are a staple food for silk worms, but other insects are repelled by the natural latex coating the leaves. Well, we were determined to test it out as a food source despite the concern about latex. We found that the leaves are safe, and not as well-liked as many other items we've tried, but eaten nonetheless. We recommend feeding only small amounts occasionally until more is known about how latex is digested and it's affects on a hermit crab's physiology.

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Jedi_sena said...

I ought to update this post by stating that for many years since, I have freely fed both the bark and leaves to my hermit crabs without any adverse affects.