Friday, May 11, 2007

Product Development: Crabapple Bouquet

Introducing a new product we've developed called "Crabapple Bouquet."

Ingredients: crabapple blossoms and bark, maple leaves, dandelion blossoms, canteloupe, oat, cuttlebone, and tulip.

Now available for sale at The Crabbage Patch and The Happy Hermit:

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The Crabbage Patch said...

The Crabbage Patch is very excited to offer Crabotanicals natural food line. Thousands of crabs don't lie ... our Straws and PP's devoured the Russian Olive Bouquet and Russian Olive Leaf sample overnight!

We look forward to a very long and "healthy" relationship with Crabotanicals.

Tammy and Kirk Weick
The Crabbage Patch