Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crabotanicals featured in CSJ newsletter

Crabotanicals and it's creator (yours truly) were featured in the May 2007 issue of The Crab Street Journal Newsletter! Two entire pages were dedicated to how we got our start and how we find inspiration for our products! To subscribe to the journal please go to:


Serena said...

Congradulations! I was browsing through your user gallery at CSJ a while ago and you had some hen n' chicks in a 10 gallon tank in your office. Do hermit crabs eat these? My mom has LOADS in her garden and I thought that I might place some in my tank :)Thanks!
-Serena (

Daethian said...

I am sure I commented on this already??

Anyhow come by here and take a look at the existinglinkback images and let's get one made for your site!!

Jedi_sena said...

Sadly, my hen n' chicks didn't last in the humid environment. They turned clear and then wilted and died. The crabs can eat them, but I don't think that mine ever did. They were more interested in the soil. I love how they look though...if someone kept arid climate lizards, that might be a perfect choice for a live plant in the crabitat.

Jedi_sena said...

Daethian, I would love your help creating a linkback image! I like the graphic block you sent me, but I think I'd like all of the white parts to be tan and I'm wondering if we can get a softer, gray tan.