Monday, December 31, 2007

Product: Vegetable Barley

hermit crab,Crabotanicals,barley

Ingredients: organic barley, mushroom, potato, mixed vegetables, mealworms, walnut.


Bob said...

This one is a winner in my tank. They LOVE it!

Kira Randall, DVM said...

Hi, I love your products, and so do my hermit crabs. I feed them 2 different food mixes a day each day of the week. They are always excited (antennae fluttering) about their meals. I have made a wiki on Ecuadorian hermit crabs that promotes your products, as I believe strongly in them. Please check it out under the page on diet ( This site has info specific to E-crabs, and is backed by references to journals and other peer reviewed literature.

Jedi_sena said...

Glad your crabs love Crabotanicals! Kira, I checked out your wiki and it looks great! I want to spend more time browsing there because it is so well-written! Excellent job!