Monday, May 5, 2008

Labeling Policies


One challenge we face in producing Crabotanicals is that there is only a brief window open to harvest some seasonal ingredients. For example, crabapple tree blossoms only appear on the trees for about 2 weeks and in our locality the unusually strong winds scattered the blossoms making hand harvesting very difficult. As a result, we were not able to gather enough to produce Crabapple Bouquet in large enough quantities to outlast consumer demand for the coming year. We expect to sell out in a short amount of time with no hope of restocking until next spring. In order to convey the seasonal nature of a particular mix to our customers, we are going to indicate these with a label banner that will read: Seasonal.

When you see this banner, you know that there may be some risk of availability issues with this product. Other varieties contain seasonal items, but the harvesting window is much longer and the ingredients easier to harvest in large quantities so we can produce those year-round without expecting supply problems.

Once in a while, we are able to obtain large quantities of an unusual ingredient for a low price, which we happily incorporate into a new product mix. But the prospects for finding a similar opportunity thereafter is too remote for us to reasonably expect to continue to produce the product due to price or availability issues. Or the preparation of the mix may be too labor-intensive to be viable long-term. This sort of product will now be labeled: Limited Edition.

This mark will indicate to consumers that once stock of these items is exhausted, they should not expect to see it again. If a “limited edition” mix receives unusually high demand, Crabotanicals may make further effort to obtain the necessary ingredients or reformulate the mix to make it more affordable so that we can continue to meet demand without raising prices.


After producing our first product to contain peanuts, our commitment to the safety of our consumers who might have severe food allergies widened considerably. We have always taken great care to disclose all ingredients on our label. All workspaces and instruments are cleaned thoroughly between food preparation batches to avoid cross-contamination of any kind.

While consulting with our local business development center, the recommendation was made to include a disclaimer that would inform the users of our products as to the nature of other food types prepared in our facility. So, as new products are unveiled and distributed, you will begin to see the following statement on our labels:

Made in a facility that processes nuts, shellfish, soy, wheat (gluten) and milk products.

We hope this knowledge will arm you to make personal decisions to ensure that your individual health is not adversely affected by any traces of allergens you may come in contact with inadvertently through the use of our wholesome products.

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