Friday, December 19, 2008

Canned Foods--Is there any real risk?

Crabotanicals recommends avoiding canned foods unless the food cannot be found fresh or dried. Water chestnuts and black olives are well-liked by hermit crabs and are seldom available in any form but canned. There are many concerns related to canned food including human grade salt, preservatives, the leaching of metal, and now BPA. Even jarred food has some risk. Here's an interesting article.


Kilimanjaro said...

I agree with not using canned foods. I would definitely stick with fresh or frozen foods. The risk of BPA and other leeched metal ions is too much of a risk to present this type of food to the small body of a land hermit crab.

Healthy Diet Meal Plans said...

Canned food are not good for health according to the health experts also. Nice article for the awareness of good health.