Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I've been researching the nutritional value alfalfa Medicago sativa (aka lucerne, lucerne grass)which is considerably high, often being called a "superfood." It sprouts easily and can be sown directly into substrate in a crab tank (if substrate is not wet with saltwater) for a live plant feature. But the deep root system of mature plants yield a higher mineral content than sprouts. All parts of this plant are safe an nutritive.

NOTE: Sprouts commonly found in grocery stores sold for salads might be alfalfa, clover, or a mix of radish and broccoli. All of these are safe for crabs.


Hermit Crab Jeff said...

Very fascinating... Sounds like a really great idea. Although I would like to see someone have a good sized tank before planting live Alfalfa or i guess you just don't need to plant that much.

Joanna said...

This is awesome. Just recently on another forum the question came up about safe plants in the crabitat, I'll have to go post about this and link it! Thanks for checking it out Jedi-Sena. :)