Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sharing A Great Work of Art

While browsing on (a site for hand-crafted, and one of a kind items) I discovered an amazing artist: fuzzypumpkin.

I asked her what inspired this unique work of art. She explained, "Well, I think jumping spiders are cute. My bf and others kept mistaking my jumping spider pieces for crabs...I didn't see the connection, i thought he was talking about fiddlers at first. Then he clarified."

Sharing a little about her professional life, and interests, she says, "As far as art goes, I just like random stuff. I like surreal scenarios...I've been doing this for some time now, but just only somewhat recently have been trying to make a living out of it. My full-time job currently is being the head cake decorator at a big company...while I like decorating cakes, the place I work at is more about mass-production and less about art."

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Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! I love it!