Friday, August 29, 2014

Crabotanicals All-Natural Hermit Crab Food Product Feedback

A customer of ours (Megan Mazerall) messaged us this comment on our products a few days ago:  "My crabs love your food so much they won't eat anything else I give them, even turning down fresh fruits and veggies for your food. Since I gave them some of the rosey wheat they now come running when they see me put food bowl in and they literally fight over it! I have been keeping hermit crabs for 10 years and have never seen them so excited for food before!"

Jennifer Kril writes, "What I loved about this was when I opened the box I was hit with this amazing smell of earth and forest. The hermit crabs love the food and I will definitely buy this again...." 

We are always interested in reading feedback from our loyal customers and I thought it would be a good idea to share the link so that our blog readers can see what sort of results consumers are having with our products!  Read reviews of Crabotanicals all-natural hermit crab food HERE! 

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