Thursday, October 2, 2014

NEW PRODUCT: Goji Croutons

Goji Croutons - Yes, I baked for the crabs!  I made fresh bread loaded with nutrient rich ingredients!  The bread turned out beautifully dark because of the carrot and spirulina and very dense, so you're not just getting a lot of fluffy air.  Pre-packaged in 8 pieces for a proper serving.  These would make a great option for vacation food.  Goji berries are dried and have nearly melted down into the batter, and I loaded it with ground eggshell so you're crabs will get some much-needed calcium.  I bought the very finest honey I could afford to sweeten this bread with organic honey from the forest of Zambia--just to guild the lily!

Consider this a Limited Edition mix because I am not in the habit of baking...:)
Ingredients: 100% whole wheat, lychii (goji berries), carrot, eggshell, egg, spirulina, organic Zambezi forest honey, coconut oil, yeast.

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