Thursday, December 18, 2014

NEW PRODUCT: Green Eggs - Calcium Supplement for Hermit Crabs

New Product:  Green Eggs
Ingredients:  eggshells, organic basil, organic oat flour, spirulina.
Packaged in a 2x3" reclosable baggie.

We're so proud to unveil this new creation!  The mix is heavy with calcium-rich, farm-fresh eggshells from free-range chickens!  This rural Colorado farmer keeps a variety of chicken species, so the eggshells range tremendously in color from beige to dark freckled tan to tarragon green!

This mix also comes with a generous helping of spirulina.  

"Green Eggs" could be considered a calcium supplement, but it has enough plant material to qualify as a food.  Experienced crab-keepers are going to sprinkle it onto fresh fruits and vegetables when their crabs are molting.

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