Thursday, March 31, 2016

Green-tein All-natural Hermit Crab Food by Crabotanicals features hemp seed protein

The result of a lot of research on protein and hermit crab aggression has finally made it's way into a new formula!  We are proud to present Green-tein!
One 2X3" reclosable zip bag
Ingredients: organic hemp, organic garbonzo bean, basil, bladderwrack (seaweed), strawberry leaves, organic spirulina.

Hemp protein is 66% edestin (a bio-active globulin protein that is easy to digest).  That is more edestin than any other plant.  It also contains 9 essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids.  I looked high and low to find a source of hemp that is not processed with hexane (a harsh solvent). Garbonzo bean is also a great source of protein.  This mix has a good deal of fiber as well.

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