Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Reviews for Crabotanicals Hermit Crab Pet Food

We have the best customers around!  Check out some of the sweet things people have said about our food products...

Heather says, "It's like I suddenly have crabs again. They come out and fight over the food dish. They love Crabotanicals."

Amy says of our croutons, "My crabbies love just having this around to chew on. I haven't had to use this for a vacation, but rather just put one of the chunks in their tank in a spot for them to find. Delicious hide and seek."

Tiffany says, "My daughter could hardly tell if her hermies had been eating before she introduced them to Crabotanicals food. Now they LOVE to eat and are growing and active. Thanks!"
Jan says, "Wonderful doing business with this company. I had read the prior reviews before purchasing these products and found the 5 star review to not only be helpful but right on spot as to the excellent product (with extra's thrown in!) and great customer service in helping me with question I had. I have done a lot of research on Hermit Crabs in order to take the very best care of my crabby and find Crabotanicals to be the most knowledgeable and nutrition minded! Thank you I will for sure be a return customer!"

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