Monday, September 12, 2016

NEW PRODUCTS! Butters, oils, and fats for pet hermit crab feeding

Most humans are watching their fat intake (especially calorie counters), but hermit crabs have different dietary needs. The color of a crab's exoskeleton is often diminished by a chalky appearance, especially just before a molt. Adding beneficial fats to the diet will condition the exoskeleton and enhance the crab's coloration.  If you feed your crabs a lot of dry foods (such as the nutritious mixes by Crabotanicals), then beneficial fats and oils may very well be a neglected category.  We are introducing several new and exciting supplements to care for this component of a healthy crab diet!  We've searched high and low for the very best ingredients, and we hope you will add them to your personal pet pantry.

Royal Oilz - 10ml each in convenient eye-dropper containers:
First Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Expeller-Pressed Pure Sunflower Oil
First Cold-Pressed Avocado Oil

Better Butterz 1oz each in small acrylic containers:
Organic Sunflower Seed Butter
Organic Peanut Butter
Organic Sesame Seed Butter (Tahini)

Organic Red Palm Oil approx. 10ml. unfiltered, fare trade. No hexane or other solvents. Product of Ecuador (so you don't have to worry about the orangutans).

 This oil is in a semi-solid form at room temperature. Gently warming them to body temperature may aid in dispensing, but we do not recommend heating. Many beneficial elements in these products will be lost if heated. Refrigeration extends the shelf-life, but will harden the product significantly.