Friday, April 20, 2007

Human Diet Unsuitable

Perhaps you’ve heard someone say “the crabs eat whatever you eat.” This is misleading. The fact is that humans have the worst diet of the animal kingdom. Humans only eat a tiny portion of the edible things the earth offers. From those, an even smaller portion is available in a single locale. Globalization is improving that aspect somewhat. The few healthy things we will eat get dressed up with salt, sugar, and preservatives for market. Then we store it in a can where it absorbs chemicals and heavy metals like tin and aluminum or cook it in a non-stick skillet that further poisons it. Even if we are not junkfood addicts, we do not consume a large enough variety of healthy foods to fully support the physical needs of our own bodies. Clearly, our dietary habits should not be passed onto our beloved pets. If you eat a healthy diet, it is perfectly acceptable to offer those foods to your crabs, but please do not confine them to what you think is a “wide variety,” because that viewpoint is too limited. The next time you shop for fresh produce, add up all of the items you see on the shelves and subtract out how many of the items you have EVER bought. You will be surprised at how many items you and your crabs have been missing out on—and those are just the human-grade items available in your corner of the world. Before they came into captivity, your crabs had the wide world to ramble in search of food. If you can say with pride, “my crabs are spoiled; they eat better than I do,” then you are on the right track!

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