Friday, April 20, 2007

Human Grade Foods

Human-grade foods are not the focus of the research being conducted on this site. However, they deserve an honorable mention because they are readily available to crab-keepers everywhere and hermit crabs like them as well as we humans do! Fruits, vegetables, grains, tubers, legumes, all contain important nutrients for crabs—even plants that crabs would not normally encounter in the wild. Fresh foods from your refrigerator or pantry should find their way into the crabitat daily as long as they can be found on the safe food list (see “MY FAVORITE LINKS” in the far right column------>). Since crabs are scavengers, they will even eat the parts you normally toss in the trash when preparing a salad or the celery that goes limp in the crisper. Bruised spots don’t bother them. Avoid feeding moldy items, but crabs relish rotten or rancid food.

When developing products I find it necessary to incorporate human-grade food items so that I can be sure there is sufficient calcium, protein, etc. in each mix. Reliable information on the nutritive properties of human-grade foods is widely available. A wonderful resource for finding everything you ever wanted to know about the make-up of a human grade food item can be found here: Just type the item you’re curious about in the search box and you’ll find a wealth of information!

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