Thursday, July 19, 2007


Berries have great antioxidant properties as well as color enhancers.
Strawberries and their blossoms and "tops" are known to be safe.
Elderberries (see photo) and their blossoms are safe (thanks to CrabbyOne for this info--see comment). Raw elderberries have a small toxic element that is removed by heating. This toxin is highest in the unripe fruits. All green portions are very poisonous.
Mulberries and their leaves are safe (although they should be fed in moderation until more is known about natural latex and it's affect on crab physiology).
Cranberries are safe.
Blueberries are safe. I want to test the leaves soon.
Raspberries are safe.
Blackberries are safe.
Gooseberries are safe.

Will edit this thread and add to it as more comes to light.

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CrabbyOne said...

My crabs love elderberries, both the dried blossoms and berries. I chop the dried berries up in my coffee grinder which gives them a stronger smell and makes it easier for them to eat. I can always tell they've been eaten the next day.

You can buy them in the dried herb section in your organic food store (Nature's Emporium is where I buy mine).