Monday, July 23, 2007

Seeds and Nuts

Many human-edible seeds and nuts are relished by hermit crabs. These are a great source of protein and omega fatty acids.
Beechnuts--(see comment by Jedediah).
Coconut--a hermit crab favorite, probably abundant in their natural habitat. The husk is also readily eaten.
Walnut--a favorite food in my crabitat. I also feed the papery "guts" of the walnut shell.
Sunflower seed--well-liked food. I am not sure whether they eat the shell or not.
Mango pit--safe.
Pumpkin seed--actually, most squash seeds are safe.
Melon seeds are best avoided since many of them have toxic components.
Papaya seeds are best avoided, although I would like to work up the courage to do a food trial on them since the ones stored in my basement (I mean to make houseplants of them) attracted mice.
Peanuts, pecans, Brazil nuts (even the rancid ones) are all eaten safely by crabs.
Grass seeds and grains fit for human consumption are all considered safe.


Anonymous said...

On the Papaya Seeds- People use them in salads and salad dressings and marinades so perhaps they're ok for hermies too?

Love all the info! Keep it up!

Jedi_sena said...

My mom used to let us eat a few seeds w/ the fruit because she believed that it killed parasites. I may give them a whirl next time I prepare my Mayan Papaya recipe.... Thanks for the suggestion!

Jedediah said...

Beech-nuts are a huge hit with my crabs. They eat them peeled or in the shell, I don't know if they eat the shell, though.

Anonymous said...

I have given my crabs Hazelnuts for over 6 months and they absolutely love them. They have been known to hoard them and one crab eat an entire nut by itself. My PP's tend to like them more than my E's but given the chance the E's will eat them as well.