Friday, August 17, 2007

Product: Shepherd's Milk

Introducing Shepherd's Milk:

Ingredients: Showy milkweed, whey, Norwegian kelp, lambsquarter, organic buckwheat, shepherd's purse.



blaze88 said...

Isn't milkweed unsafe or am I mislead? I know the reason monarch caterpillars eat it is to make themselves poisonous to birds.

Jedi_sena said...

This is a common milkweed misconception. The white milky juice is primarily a form of natural latex which can be poisonous. Papaya is another latex rich food product that is considered harmless even in large proportions. You may have heard of a human allergy to kiwi which is basically an individual's reaction to natural latex. People with known allergies to latex products should avoid handling Shepherd's Milk. Extensive trials on hermit crabs is proof that they have no sensativity to latex in this form. (Please read the post on Showy Milkweed for more info on the positive outcome of the food trial.) Many insects safely feed on milkweeds including beetles, aphids, and monarch butterflies.