Monday, August 31, 2009

PRODUCT: Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium is a rich source of calcium which your hermit crab needs to grow and maintain a healthy exo-skeleton.

Coral Calcium

Crabotanicals have packaged our coral calcium in a tiny acrylic container which can be used as its own dish when the lid is removed. We suggest that you nestle the container directly into the substrate for stability. Or you can simply add a pinch of calcium on top of your crabs’ food. This product comes from Okinawa, Japan.

This was a very popular form of calcium with our hermit crabs. The first time I set a teaspoon of coral calcium powder into the tank, the dish was "licked" clean by morning! The second offering was laced with spirulina, which they did not find nearly as appealing. I took a little on my tongue and it was tasteless as I anticipated. I was expecting it to feel gritty, but it had a surprisingly smooth, velvety texture. I have been adding it to my own fruit and yogurt smoothies ever since. Although, if you intend to use it yourself, you should invest in a 1lb. bag which costs about $25.00. We have provided you a mini-portion for $3.00 suggested retail.

This would be a wonderful thing to incorporate into your crab’s diet before, during, and directly after a molt. Here at Crabotanicals, we prefer to offer our calcium supplement separately from food so as to allow the crab to control his calcium intake. When it is incorporated into a food mix, it is done so moderately.

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