Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keep On Crabbin' Now Offers Crabotanicals

We are excited to announce that Keep On Crabbin’ is now selling Crabotanicals brand hermit crab food!
Known in the hermit crab forums as "Spidtat," Travis Wease has opened an online store. He has been researching the proper care of hermit crabs for over two years, and has experienced the difference that a varied, all-natural diet can make in the life of a beloved pet. His store features healthy mixes meant to provide easy choices for even the least experienced crab keeper (which is why Crabotanicals is a perfect fit). In an interview, he said regarding his mixes, "I really try to focus on the new is just one less thing they have to worry about while learning how all the details so important to having healthy and happy crabs." He also offers an array of individual food items which is great for those who like to custom mix their own crab meals.
Please take a minute to visit Keep On Crabbin’ storefront. The website is beautifully done and the customer service is first rate!

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