Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A True Survivor

I want to share a message I received from a crafter called oliviamoon whose artwork was featured on this site. She says: "I had a pet hermit crab, named Rockefeller, and he lived for 5-7 years. When I went off to college my younger and oh, so absent minded sister was to take care of him. Somehow...he got out and wasn't seen for a year and a half. My mom bought new carpet and when the guys came to install the carpet...they yelled for Mama to come into the bedroom where they were working. They had found something that they had never seen poor, naked Rockefeller. He had out grown his shell but was nontheless thriving. Gotta love a happy ending!"

Sometimes it seems that hermit crabs are trying to die on us. But it seems that some of them are true survivors!


Stevo said...

Wow- that's amazing!!

Joanna said...

That's truly astounding. When they do die so easily on us, one goes and defies all logic and reason and survives in impossible circumstances! And no salt water, either!
Wow. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

awesome.. now i want my own hermit crab..:p my sister owns one named bob.. haha..:)